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Know the Latest News in the Philippines and the world: nation, business, entertainment, sports, global Filipino, lifestyle and trending in social media platforms in text, videos, and photos. (function() {var params = {rssmikle_url: "http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/rss/news/metromanila",rssmikle_frame_width: "870",rssmikle_frame_height: "800",rssmikle_target: "_blank",rssmikle_font: "Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif",rssmikle_font_size: "12",rssmikle_border: "off",responsive: "off",rssmikle_css_url: "",text_align: "left",text_align2: "left",corner: "off",scrollbar: "off",autoscroll: "on",scrolldirection: "up",scrollstep: "5",mcspeed:

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outside box Thinking

Reservation Guaranteed

Reservation Guaranteed I go to prepare a place for you. JOHN 14:2 Because my sister is a flight attendant, I am blessed with a parent’s pass for my personal use. For a small service charge, I may fly wherever the airline flies. There’s one drawback, however. I must be on “standby.” That

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